Pebble Art – Having fun on the beach and creating unique Art

Creating Pebble Art is surprisingly simple. Just take your Creativity on the beach and have some fun.
beach pebbles
Beach pebbles. My morning walk catch.

I live in a small old town by the Adriatic sea in the middle Dalmatia and I go to the beach almost every day. And finding cool stones, shells and driftwood from the sea for my Pebble Art makes me happy as a child. From that state of mind it’s so easy to be creative and let your imagination go wild.

beach pebbles
Finding pebbles on the beach

Do you need some Pebble art creative ideas for the start?

Well, there are limitless possibilities about what you can do with pebbles and findings from the beach and I can name a few creative ideas right now. A few that I like the most and I can gladly help you with (with advices and tutorials):

  • small paintings like a souvenir from the place that you visit
  • magnets for the fridge
  • big cool paintings for your livingroom or badroom
  • stone pendants for necklaces
  • stone pendants for key chains
  • little pebble earings
  • pebble wind chimes
  • cool wall hangings for yewelry
  • games like tic tac toe
  • vases etc.
So let’s start with a small painting – Pebble Art unique souvenir
And what do you need for making a small Pebble painting? – Basic list
  • a piece of board (wood, mediapan… or what ever you have solid
  • acrilic paints for painting the background
  • brushes or sponges for painting
  • findings from the beach such as stones, glass, terracota pieces, shells, driftwood etc. to glue on the painting
  • glue
  • and mat or glossy spray for the protective varnish
And do you wonder about advanced list for making a small Pebble unique painting?

Here it is:

  • decoupage paper
  • beads and all parts of broken yewelry
  • corks
  • buttons
  • tree bark
  • small plastic peaces
  • and whatever you find around you… Be creative!

For this first introduction I can share with you a
fraction of my previous Pebble Art work:

Small paintings (20×20 cm – 7.9×7.9 inch) available for purchase you can see if you visit my Etsy shop:

And at least, here is a little gallery of my Pebble Art paintings to inspire you, with close up details:

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