Beyond breaking point or what comes when enough is enough

There just comes the time in life when you are able to stop and say: Enough! That is a breaking point, when apsolutly nothing seems to work any more. And there is no way to go back, just forward.

beyond breaking point - rule number 1
Rule number 1: Fuck what they think!

And when you let go of the old, here it comes! Zero point! It’s a point beyond time and linear thinking. A point from which you can see in any direction you want like an observer and choose the best possible direction for you in that particular moment. Zero point is a Now moment. There is no shame in now moment, no guilt of any kind, no apathy or grief, no fear, no desire, no anger and no pride. Just courage to go forward, to step into neutrality. Willingness to do what ever is necessary to mantain this new state of mind. Acceptance and gratitude for all that already is because you come to the understanding that everything happens for a reason and that love is the most powerful force of all. So powerful that you suddenly realize that you are completely different person. And you love yourself and everybody.

Twisted reality

What was before can’t go with you any more. Like everything is twisted upside down. Pulled through the vortex at his narrowest area, went on the other, unknown, but yet so familiar side. Like Alice in Wonderland. Yes, something like that.

Process can be long and painful, at least it was like that for me. All started somewhere in 2007. That was the year when my life suddenly just crashed like a card tower.As if all my former beliefs were kidnapped from me and never came back. From that time I experienced several really stressful situations. They all had the same purpose. To redirect me, to readjust my intention and focus me slowly to the Zero point.

beyond breaking point - the light at the end of the tunnel
The light at the end of the tunnel

“The light at the end of the tunnel is not a illusion. The tunnel is.”

Author unknown

Breaking point

These last four years were the most intense period for me and my awakening. Like I nedeed to go through small tiny hole and it was so hard to do it. Well, like a rebirth. And slowly but surely I came to the better understanding of myself, my thoughts and feelings, and how my body operates. How life functions. In fact how everything in simbiosis functions. How everything is connected. All the answers I needed I found within, deep inside of me, wondering, asking questions, and through introspection and contemplating. Meditation helped a lot.The best decision I ever made is to start meditating.

And now when I look at myself, who I was at that time in the past… me now and me than, totally different people. Back then, everything was so noisy and exhausting, but completely necessary, I can see that now. Million thoughts per second. There was no logical connection with anything. Total chaos in my head and all around me. Every thought wanted to be the most important one, yelling at other thoughts, so they were all screaming most of the time. Total chaos. Heart was heavy, body was tired. To survive the busy work week and get drunk at the weekend was “normal”.

Well, I don’t know what is normal anymore and I don’t care. All I know that I couldn’t help myself but wonder: Is this it? I couldn’t see the point of it all. There was no meaning for all of that suffering inside. Something just wasn’t right. I thought that I will probably go mad till the end of my forties. And I wondered: Do mad people know that they are mad? Hm…

The awakening of the lioness

And one day, the lioness in me woke up! And she roared and roared at everyone and everything that wasn’t right. I was like captain Dan in Forrest Gump. On the top of the mast of the sailing boat. Yelling at God in the middle of the great storm. It all needed to go out and If I need to go mad it will be the way I want it to be!

Nothing is as it seems to be when you go through a breaking point. Everything they taught us, the school,the society… well they didn’t teach us nothing I suppose. And there is so much to learn and experience. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Limitless possibilities are available for all. All you have to do is to set your intention and go. Every story has a beginning. Just do it!

That is not The End.

Beyond breaking point - Zen

That is only the beginning. Zero point of view, The Now moment. Zen. Tranquility. Life happens NOW. Everything happens now. Time is an illusion.There is no past or future. We are multidimensional vibrational beings and it is all about energy and vibration.

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This is an eternal and endless topic, something to talk about in some of the next articles. This was just a breaking point, now we can go beyond together. Looking forward to it.

Till then, Love, Light and Blessings,

Željana <3

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