Abstract Vortex paintings


“Stay Wild Moon Child” Vortex Soul Painting by VortexBeyoU

Abstract Vortex paintings. Paintings for your soul.

Why do I paint Abstract Vortex Soul Paintings?

I started painting abstract  personalized vortex paintings almost three years now , same time I started my meditation practise. Lots of BIG stuff happened to me through my life and I must say I really believe that those were the best things that could have ever happend to me. All of it brought me here where I am today and I’m so gratefull because of that, but back then…uh… not so much.

So I was 37 and sooo tired of life, with huge and heavy questions above my head:

Who Am I?

Is this life?

What is wrong with this world?

Why can’t I just be happy?

Am I just a mistake in the Universe?

Abstract painting opened my eyes, silenced my mind and freed my heart. Vortexes came to me so easily and naturally, with paint leftovers. I just put the residue colors I was left with on the canvas  and started circling  my brush and that was it! A beautiful vortex! I was so excited! My soul was on fire! Silhoutte images were my next big discovery. A fantasy came to reality.

“Light My Fire”Vortex Soul Painting by VortexBeyoU

With every new  abstract painting I learned something new about myself, about our true nature of existence and how it is important to remind ourselves to live from the point of love, compassion, forgiveness and togetherness. To live in NOW! From nurturing those feelings inside myself through art I came to the point where I found out that others are feeling the same just watching my abstract paintings. Triggered by that fact, I started to explore more. I didn’t even know how to spell vortex. I get lots of answers through meditation, lots of information from the Internet and from just watching the life around me. Patterns are everywere!

“The torus, or primary pattern, is an energy dynamic that looks like a doughnut – it’s a continuous surface with a hole in it. The energy flows in through one end, circulates around the center and exits out the other side. You can see it everywhere – in atoms, cells, seeds, flowers, trees, animals, humans, hurricanes, planets, suns, galaxies and even the cosmos as a whole.” – Nassim Haramein

And so the life itself is a vortex:

“The path isn’t a straight line; its a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.” – Barry H. Gillespie

Why VortexBeyoU?

Some feelings and moments are simply unexplainable with just words.  My Soul speaks to your Soul through Abstract Vortex Silhouette Personalized Soul paintings. Your Soul will understand.

The message is: Be You, be yourself!

“Life Wisdom” Vortex Soul Painting by VortexBeyoU


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  1. This speaks to me on so many levels.
    Thank you! 😄❤

    1. Really? That is awesome, trees are magnificent beings 🙂

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