Hello to all of you beautiful people on planet Earth

With Love…

My name is Željana and my passion is to express my inner universe through art.

I’m seeing the world around me with colours and emotions. Through the pallete of unseen colours, shadows, events, places and people in my life I came to this moment where I consciously starded to choose how I really want to live my own life. When a kind word or a painting that my hands painted touch other people’s soul I get the clear feeling that I’m home. So beautiful and fullfiling! That is my mission! I can always help the person sitting next to me right now but with uplifting and colourfull paintings I can help everybody around the world any time every day. And I’m enjoying every second of it. VortexBeyoU is all about capturing moments like love, family, happines, warmth, peace, goodness or maybe just reminding people of their true nature, to be themselves. And step by step, we can all be a part of making this world a better place to live.

Peace, love and happiness


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